Mission and Service Fund


Welcome to Westminster United Church
in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

We have been part of this community for 100 years. We have grown and changed with our community and are looking forward to discovering how God’s work will challenge us in the years to come.

The United Church of Canada is a Canadian Church with global connections. There are over 3,000 United Churches across Canada with over 4,000 ministers servicing with our almost 500,000 members. We are a member denomination of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and the World Council of Churches.

Our mission and ministry is supported by our Mission and Service fund and its global partnership with ACT Alliance. In Medicine Hat we are proud to provide a home to Unisphere Global Resource Centre.

A special welcome awaits you at Westminster United Church. No matter your age, your gender, your sexual orientation, you are welcome to bring your faith, your doubts, your questions to life in this community. We don’t put up barriers, rather we open doors for all who seek us out.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our website or to our worship at 10:25 each Sunday morning.